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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Game 7 in Boston on Wednesday

Game six was over in less than 3 minutes.  A mistake by Kevin Miller changed the tone of the game and gave Montreal the confidence and momentum which carried the Canadiens to an eventual 4-0 shutout of the Bruins in Montreal Monday night.

The Bruins hit several posts, had a dancing puck on the inside of the goal line and had several power plays... they were unable to capitalize on any of those chances.  I bet the Boston Bruins have hit more posts and cross bars in this series than the Canadiens and Red Wings combined.

The first line of Iginla, Krejci and Lucic has been very well defended.  The Canadiens have been in the passing lanes and have blocked almost all their shots.  Carey Price had an easy time in net thus far because of the inability for Boston to get quality shots on him.

The Bruins can take some positives out of game 6 and use it to their advantage in game 7... time of possession.   The Bruins went on a stretch that seemed to last about 4 or 5 minutes in the Canadiens end and they were unable to clear the puck.  Home ice advantage.  Boston will be a tough place to play on Wednesday for Canadiens players.  Grudges.  The Canadiens were physical and sent messages, the Bruins took numbers and will respond.

I know I am going to grab some tickets and head to the Garden for this one... win or lose, it's the Bruins and Canadiens in game 7!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Game 3 Goes to Montreal

Montreal takes another lead in the series and the Bruins still can't match the Canadiens for the first 2 periods.  I'm still not counting the Bruins out, they are better coached and they respond to challenges.

Boston will hopefully tie the series again in Montreal on Thursday and then head back to Boston 2-2 where the Bruins will have the advantage.

You could see it in Montreal's play, they were hungrier than the Bruins.  Boston plays more consistent hockey through all 3 periods instead of going balls deep in the first period.  That's why their goal differential in the 3rd period is far better than any other team in the NHL.  Don't worry Bruins fans, this team was made for situations like this!

The Bruins just need to control PK and Vanek.  If they can do that, they will be fine.  Go Boston!

Monday, April 15, 2013

I don't mind when Corvo scores against the Bruins...

Because I know it means he isn't part of the Bruins anymore and I can sleep a lot better!  Corvo is such a piece of crap and I hope that he's happy playing for Carolina.  I don't think he will ever play for a team better than Carolina in the rest of his NHL career.

His troubled past, drama and sloppy play diseased the Bruins while he played in Boston and most fans were pleased to see him go.  Seeing him score against the Bruins sucks, but it is justifying knowing that he is no longer wearing Black and Gold!

Where Will Solderberg Play?

Now that the Carl Soderberg deal is official and Sweden got scolded from the NHL, one question remains... Where will Solderberg fit into the lineup?

Look at these projected lines by MassholeSports and tell me that doesn't look good on paper..

Soderberg - Krecji - Jagr
Marchand - Bergeron - Seguin
Lucic - Kelly - Horton
Paille - Peverely - Campbell

Every line would improve!  The only issue with those lines... no room for Shawn Thornton.  Well, with the injuries that the Bruins are coping with, there should be a little room for changes.  As of right now, Bergeron is questionable for tonight's game and Marchand is not expected to play for a while.  So assuming that Bergeron does not play and Solderberg is in the lineup (he won't be till Wednesday the earliest), this would still be a pretty good lineup...

Soderberg - Krecji - Jagr
Lucic - Kelly - Seguin
Paille - Peverely - Horton
Thornton - Campbell - Caron (or Daugavins)

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Free Agent Wish List

Free Agent Wish List!  A few long shots, but the Bruins have appeal to some of these players that have never won the cup! Obviously, I wouldn't want to replace most of the team... I'm just thinking if we lose anyone to free agency, retirement or trades.

Ryan Suter (Nashville)
John Oduya (Winnipeg)
Matt Carle (Philadelphia)
Milan Jurcina (Islanders)

Right Winger:
Shane Doan (Phoenix)
Jamie Langenbrunner (St. Louis)
Jordin Tootoo (Nashville)

Left Winger: 
Ryan Smyth (Edmonton)
Zach Parise (New Jersey)
Dustin Penner (Los Angeles)
Jason Blake (Anaheim)
Jay Pandalfo (Islanders)

Olli Jokinen (Calgary)
Jarret Stoll (Los Angeles)

Did you know, the New York Islanders have 5 Defenseman entering free agency?  Wow, good luck to them improving next year!

Boston Bruins Free Agents

2012 Bruins Free Agents

Here is a list of the players that are free agents as of now and what I think that the Bruins should do.  Tuukka Rask is the only Restricted Free Agent on the list to my knowledge.  Gregory Campbell is probably going to get a lot of good offers from other teams.

Chirs Kelly (Keep)
Adam McQuaid (Keep)
Gregory Campbell (Keep)
Daniel Paille (On the Fence)
Benoit Pouliot (On the Fence)
Tuukka Rask (Keep)
Joe Corvo (Buh-Bye)
Johnny Boychuck (Keep)
Brian Rolston (Keep)
Marty Turco (Buh-Bye)
Greg Zanon (On the Fence)

Joe Corvo needs to go!  The Bruins need to do everything in their power to keep Rask, Kelly and Boychuck.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Choke Capitals, Choke

With about 4 hours left until Game 7, Boston fans and Capitals fans probably can't get a lot of work done... can't think about anything else and are a bit edgy.  That's normal!  It's game 7 baby.  The Bruins have 3 game 7's under their belt since last year's playoffs started.  Guess what... 3 - 0 and soon to be 4 - 0.

Washington sports writers have been doubting the Capitals since the end of Game 6 and pretty much getting the white flag ready.

Hey Washington... bring it, don't bring it... doesn't much matter to us cause you're gonna be playing golf next week either way.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Bergeron: Selke Finalist

Patrice Bergeron was snubbed from the all star team this year.  Probably the best player not on the all star roster.  Let's not deny him an award that should truly be his, the Selke Award.  Other finalists are David Backes from the St. Louis Blues and Pavel Datsyuk from the Detroit Red Wings.

The Selke Award is given to the NHL forward who best excels in defensive aspects of hockey.

Oh How We Miss Horton

How great would it be to have Nathan Horton back in the lineup?  Horton adds a great mid to long range shot that can make shot prediction difficult for a goalie.  Horton also adds excitement, depth, power and he is a fan favorite.

The Bruins can win without Horton, but, they are a completely different player with him in the lineup.  Horton is not scheduled to be back in time for the 2012 Playoffs.

The Bruins are comprised of a lot of players that might not have 40 - 50 goals, but contribute to the Bruins as much, or more so than a 50 goal scorer would.  The plus minus is a great way to measure a team's ability to do the right thing and seeing that the Bruins had tons of players with 20+ goals means that if one player has a bad night, the team isn't screwed.  Horton, (as well as players like Bergeron, Lucic, Kelly, Peverly, Marchand, Krejci and others), has always been a shining example of that.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Kings, Flyers Need Win Tonight to Advance

If the LA Kings win tonight, they will have upset the #1 team in the west.  Not bad for a team that made the playoffs by the skin on their teeth!  Regardless if Vancouver comes back to win the series, I say the LA coaching staff did an amazing job.  Just to see the Canucks caught off guard is worth the price of admission.  After game three, there have been talks among fans of firing the coach.  Well, I say they take it very seriously in Vancouver, but how can you fire someone so easily that had the best coaching record in the NHL in the past 2 seasons and got you to game 7 of the Stanley Cup championship in 2011?  Not an easy decision.

And the Flyers... WOW! If you watched any of the games, you know it's been pretty much a wrestling event with a few minutes of hockey between wrestling matches.  I am surprised we haven't seen metal folding chairs being used and a ring set up on the ice.  I am pulling for the Flyers on this round, but I would like to see a game 6 or 7 so Philly isn't so well rested and confident for the next round.  I want to see Crosby get what's coming to him!

The Flyers and Kings are the only 2 teams that can sweep in the first round and doing so would be a huge statement for either team.